Night Guards & NTIs

Do you grind or clench your teeth at night? Even though you’re asleep when this happens, you can usually tell this happens once morning comes. You might wake up with a headache, or you could find that the enamel on your teeth is wearing faster than it should be. You might also discover cracked teeth.

You have no conscious control over this process, but that doesn’t mean that nothing can be done about it. We offer night guards that are designed to help you stop grinding and clenching your teeth at night, leading to more restful sleep and a healthier smile.

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You might have seen mouth guards for sports on sale at your favorite sporting goods stores. Night guards are different. They are individually fitted to each patient, with an impression being made of the teeth and the appliance adjusted to best fit the patient’s bite. Since these are medical devices, it only makes sense that they should be customized to work best for each person.

Protect your teeth and your sleep with a quality night guard or NTI. Our office is fully equipped to determine if you are a candidate for this particular treatment. Call us today at (980) 215-9503 to schedule your consultation!

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