Dental Bridges

A gap-toothed smile may be cute on a young child, but it’s only cute because adults know it is temporary: soon the adult teeth will come in, giving the child a full and wide smile. Adults, however, often view gaps between teeth or missing teeth with shame and embarrassment.

If you have missing teeth, you don’t have to continue being embarrassed. At Demetrios Pourlos, DDS, we provide dental bridges that can fill in the gaps and restore the look and function of your smile. Cosmetic dentist Dr. Pourlos would be happy to meet with you, examine your mouth, and let you know if you’re a candidate for a dental bridge.

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Bridges are often called “fixed partial dentures.” To understand why, it’s best to explain this term. Dentures are false teeth, which is what the bridge consists of: naturally-looking artificial teeth. “Partial” simply acknowledges the fact that a bridge will only replace a few teeth, not the whole mouth. As for “fixed,” this refers to the bridge’s permanent placement in the mouth.

Get ready to smile widely again and show off your strong, natural-looking artificial teeth. Enjoy your favorite foods again and say goodbye to embarrassment and shame. 

Call Demetrios G. Pourlos, DDS to learn more about our dental bridges and general dentistry services.

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