Dental Bonding

Plenty of people have perfectly healthy teeth that they aren’t proud to show off. Issues like cracks, stains, chips, or misalignments can make people self-conscious about their smiles. In some cases, these cracks and chips could grow worse over time, so it’s best to have them treated as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

For these patients, dental bonding might be a good option. Demetrios G Pourlos DDS offers a number of different bonding services as part of our cosmetic dental practice. After bonding, you’ll be smiling widely and proudly again in no time.

Cosmetic Dentistry Ballantyne, NC

What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is a way to improve the look and strength of your teeth. During your procedure, a thin coating of composite resin is placed over the damaged teeth. Dr. Pourlos will carefully shape it. The results look amazingly natural, and they can even make the treated teeth stronger.

Bonding isn’t the best option for everyone; sometimes patients are better served with veneers or even crowns and bridges. It all depends on your unique circumstances. However, there’s only one way to find out which option is best for you. Call Dr. Pourlos at (980) 215-9503 and set an appointment today!

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